Porsche Financial Services

Porsche Solutions (PCP)

Porsche Solutions, the Personal Contract Plan (PCP) from Porsche Financial Services, has been designed as a flexible way to finance your Porsche. If you’re buying your Porsche for personal use, this plan can drive down your monthly payments, enable you to upgrade to a higher specification model within budget and allow you to change your car more frequently.

How Porsche Solutions (PCP) works

The monthly payment you make is calculated using your estimated annual mileage, your deposit and a deferred portion of the car’s value. This enables you to fix your monthly payments for the duration of your agreement.

Your payments are collected by Direct Debit on a day of your choice, so you are in control.

Porsche Solutions (PCP) is designed to be flexible, so you have the freedom to choose between three options when your agreement comes to an end:

  • Part exchange your current Porsche for a new one
  • Pay the final (deferred) payment and credit facility fee and own your Porsche outright
  • Hand your Porsche back to us (provided the car is in good condition and has not exceeded the maximum agreed mileage)

At the end of your agreement

When it comes to the end of the agreement, contact your local Porsche Centre who will be happy to discuss your options.

More information about Solutions PCP agreements:

What to do during your agreement

What to do at the end of your agreement


This service is currently only available to Private Individual Porsche Financial Services customers